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FiltriNext air filtration device

Patent no. 102019000021999 dated 22/11/2019

Politecnico di Milano, NextMaterials srl and Soliani EMC srl have developed and patented a range of innovative photocatalytic antibacterial filters. Named FiltriNext, when combined with UV lighting they decrease the risk of bacterial contamination and improve indoor  air quality*
*Project conducted for the Lombardy Region Smart Living Initiative – Project 37924 “DADO: High-tech antibacterial purifier”


Air quality

Microbiological contamination

The air quality in indoor environments has changed significantly in recent years following the entry into force of smoke-free regulations and the increasingly widespread use of air conditioning systems.

  • bacterial contamination in Italian hospitals
  • bacterial contamination from air conditioning systems
  • how to neutralise bacteria and viruses with the action of UV lighting and photocatalysis.

Experimental results

Bacterial vitality tests and pollutant reduction