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Contracts and Services

"High-tech antibacterial purifier" project

Lombardy Region Smart Living Initiative

As an entry for the Lombardy Region Smart Living Initiative, Politecnico di Milano, NextMaterials, ECF Soliani and Labodesign, developed Project 37924 “A High-tech antibacterial purifier and an innovative generation of filters, called FiltriNext, capable of trapping and killing airborne micro-organisms (which today’s normal filters cannot do) and significantly reducing both volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and total solid particulates (SPs).

The project led to a patent jointly filed by the Politecnico di Milano, NextMaterials srl and Soliani EMC srl (Patent No. 102019000021999 of 11/22/2019 “Air filtration device”)

The project team operates seamlessly, offering customers complete assistance, from the sale of filters only to the development, design and production of custom devices.

For general information, contact info@filtrinext.it. For specific information, please contact the references below.

Soliani EMC

Soliani EMC srl (www.solianiemc.com) deals with the production and marketing of FiltriNext

To purchase FiltriNext materials, just ask for a quotation at info@solianiemc.com, indicating:

  • Type: polyester or metallised
  • Thickness: 2 mm or 6 mm
  • Shape and Size: if not rectangular or circular, please send files with specification of the desired shapes
  • Quantity